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Hi Everyone,

We re-opened the shop in July and have persistently been updating the look and bringing in many more products to the store ,as we promised we would do . There are more guitars there are loads and loads of new and second hand and (many collectable ) Vinyls , We also have more Fine Art from artists like Ross Muir - (The new Bowie Ltd giclee print , Marylyn and Pink Floyd - There are new Blitzkrieg face masks in the store . We have the new Bowie Monopoly and Alvin Gibbs limited signed new book and many exciting new products instore . We

clean and sanitise the store every day regularly The shop is open from 11-5.30pm Monday -Saturday and the website is open 24/7 Blitzkrieg tees /mugs and totes will be on line soon regards everyone stay safe Tony Blitzkrieg x

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