Barry Adamson - Moss Side Story

Barry Adamson - Moss Side Story

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Barry Adamson

Moss Side Story

Release Date: 1989


"If Moss Side Story was a gambit to show off Adamson’s skills as soundtrack composer, a sort of high concept demo reel, it paid off very well as he went on to do some great work on ’90s classics like Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers and David Lynch’s Lost Highway. He’s also continued putting out albums, becoming one of the great British groove merchants in the tradition of Massive Attack while never losing his grip on his cinematic fantasies." - Jeremy Shatan (Off Your Radar)



A1 On The Wrong Side Of Relaxation

A2 Under Wraps

A3 Central Control

A4 Round Up The Usual Suspects

A5 Sounds From The Big House

A6 Suck On The Honey Of Love


B1 Everything Happens To Me

B2 The Swinging Detective

B3 Autodestruction

B4 Intensive Care

B5 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

B6 Free At Last