Buzzcocks - Time's Up!

Buzzcocks - Time's Up!

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Time's Up

Album Reissue

Release Date: 2017


"The Buzzcocks’ newly reissued demo Time’s Up is an invaluable document of punk snarls and yelps. Likewise, the more polished Spiral Scratch was at least as important to punk as the Sex Pistols’ rise."

- Pitchfork, 2017




Side A

1. You Tear Me Up

2. Breakdown

3. Friends Of Mine

4. Orgasm Addict

5. Boredom


Side B

1. Time's Up

2. Lester Sands (Drop In The Ocean)

3. Love Battery

4. I Can't Control Myself

5. I Love You, You Big Dummy

6. Don't Mess Me 'round