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Dylan - The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn

Dylan - The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn

Dylan’s first mixtape – and debut release for Island Records – packs a hefty wallop; an eight-track record that doesn’t give you any choice but to sit up, pay attention and sing every word back in your head for days afterwards. Titled The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn, it encapsulates the rising star’s experiences with “learning to love and be loved”. “How does anyone love and be loved?! It’s cringy, but the songs are so un-cringy that it’s very easy to take in without icking myself out. But I feel like I’m writing a soundtrack to my life. This is my movie soundtrack.”


That soundtrack is one that is unfailingly frank and thrillingly unbothered by society’s expectations of female artists. Whether she’s reacting to people not wanting to date her on ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’ or searching for answers about herself, as on the ballad ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’, Dylan is incredibly direct.


Nothing Lasts Forever pairs the 22 year old’s magnetic pop hooks with the soaring, classic rock inspired guitars she was raised on. Serving a much needed dose of realism to a partner, she delivers biting lyrics laced with undeniably infectious energy; adding yet another stadium-worthy anthem to her ever growing discography.