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Elvis World by Jane and Michael Stern
  • Elvis World by Jane and Michael Stern

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    Elvis World

    by Jane Stern and Michael Stern


    256 Pages

    Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (1991)


    Welcome to Elvis World. It is a vast universe defined by all that Elvis stands for: the music, of course, and the movies, the life and the legend, but also the cascade of material things he collected and consumed (from pink Cadillacs and the cheese-burgers to diamond rings and Graceland), the glitter, and the mammoth success (one billion records sold, more than anyone else in history). Starting with its four-page gate-fold title page, this book is bursting with rare photographs, with wonderful Elvis memorabilia (1950s' fans magazines: "Elvis - hero or heel?", Elvis wallets, Elvis hankerchiefs, Elvis bedroom slippers), with the Elvis phenomenon as it exists today. Elvis Presley has become an American symbol as recognizable as the American flag. He is a landmark in almost everyone's life, and his image continues to mesmerize. Elvis has transcended his previous status as merely the most popular entertainer in history, and "Elvis world" explains and revels in this phenomenon. With affection and wit - and a touch of irreverence - the Sterns guide us through Elvis world, showing us an Elvis we've never seen before.


    This book is a study of the cultural phenomenon that Elvis was and continues to be ten years after his death, this is the first book to be published with the authority of Graceland, who allowed the authors access to their extensive photographic archives. Apart from outlining his music, his movies, his life and the legend, Elvis memorabilia photographs are included, such as 1950s fan magazines, Elvis wallets and handkerchiefs.

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