Hugh Cornwell - Monster

Hugh Cornwell - Monster

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Hugh Cornwell


Double Vinyl with Gatefold Sleeve

Release Date: 2018


"Musically, Cornwell is not breaking new ground. He has been over this territory before but that is fine. It suits his voice and it suits the mood. Cornwell is a genius and Monster is just another example of his brilliant work. He may have started in the punk genre, but Cornwell was never punk, he was always a storyteller, stories that also were a personal reflection of him. Monster is a continuation in that direction and a very successful one at that. Skip the acoustic album and stick with Monster." - Spill Magazine




Record 1 - Monster


Side A

A1 Pure Evel

A2 La Grande Dame

A3 The Most Beautiful Girl In Hollywood

A4 Mosin'

A5 Mr. Leather


Side B

B1 Bilko

B2 Robert

B3 Monster

B4 Attack Of The Major Sevens

B5 Duce Coochie Man


Record 2 - Restoration


Side C

C1 Outside Tokyo

C2 Let Me Down Easy

C3 Souls

C4 Don't Bring Harry

C5 Goodbye Toulouse

D1 Ships That Pass In The Night


Side D

D2 Never Say Goodbye

D3 No More Heroes

D4 Big In America

D5 Always The Sun