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Miles Kane - Miles Kane And The Evils

Miles Kane - Miles Kane And The Evils

Miles Kane and The Evils is a four track RSD exclusive released on physical format only. Limited to 500 copies this colour vinyl lets fans explore Miles' passion for 60's sounding surf rock instrumentals. Recorded with long term collaborators Sunglasses For Jaws.


Quote from Miles “Surf guitar has been a passion of mine since day one hearing dick dale for the first as a kid in pulp fiction blew my mind I connected with the sound immediately. Even going back further as a kid hearing the Batman theme, the pink panther theme and James Bond I was obsessed I would listen over and over to those theme songs! When I was a teenager I heard Link Wray for the first time and it changed my life I was like that is the guitarist I wanna be-twang-whammy bar-reverb-tremolo! That has been my guitar sound on every album I’ve made from the little flames to the rascals to the puppets and my solo albums! This surf mini album is me having my guitar front and centre imagining I’m in a cool badass Tarantino film”