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New Order - Music Complete

New Order - Music Complete

SKU: 1000490

New Order

Music Complete

Release Date: 2015


"Having largely eschewed the heavy guitars that weighed down much of their output for the past decade, New Order embrace electronics again on Music Complete. They conjure the kind of synth washes and house-y piano runs that could have easily pulsed across their records during their mid-'80s heyday, making for what is arguably the most refined record they’ve released since 1989’s Technique."


- Pitchfork, 2015




1. Restless

2. Singularity

3. Plastic

4. Tutti Frutti

5. People On The High Line

6. Stray Dog

7. Academic

8. Nothing But A Fool

9. Unlearn This Hatred

10. The Game

11. Superheated