Primal Scream - More Light

Primal Scream - More Light

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Primal Scream

More Light

Release Date: 2013

Double Vinyl


"On Primal Scream’s most impassioned, lustrous, and expansive album since XTRMNTR, they’re not so much interested in toppling oppressive institutions as devising the psychic survival strategies required to withstand them."


- Pitchfork, 2013




Side A

1. 2013

2. River Of Pain


Side B

1. Culturecide

2. Hit Void

3. Tenement Kid

4. Invisible City


Side C

1. Goodbye Johnny

2. Sideman

3. Elimination Blues

4. Turn Each Other Inside Out


Side D

1. Relativity

2. Walking With The Beast

3. It’s Alright, It’s OK