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Saint Etienne - So Tough

Saint Etienne - So Tough

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Saint Etienne

So Tough

Release Date: 1993


"So Tough took the cut-and-paste aesthetic a stage further, with each song linked by a piece of dialogue from the groups favourite films (Billy Liar, Peeping Tom) or their heroes (David Essex, Marc Almond, Roy Harper). Featuring the Joe Meek-flavoured single You’re In A Bad Way and gorgeous ballad Hobart Paving, it reached no.7 on the UK album chart."






1. Mario’s Café
2. Railway Jam
3. Date With Spelman
4. Calico
5. Avenue
6. You’re In A Bad Way
7. Memo To Pricey
8. Hobart Paving
9. Leafhound
10. Clock Milk
11. Conchita Martinez
12. No Rainbows For Me
13. Here Come Clown Feet
14. Junk The Morgue
15. Chicken Soup