Skids - The Absolute Game -  Signed Double Vinyl
  • Skids - The Absolute Game - Signed Double Vinyl

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    Skids - The Absolute Game

    Double Vinyl 12-Inch LP Album

    Signed by Richard Jobson! 


    Rare Skids LP "The Absolute Game" from 1980  featuring the bonus album "Strength Through Joy". Signed by Richard Jobson! 




    Side A

    1. Circus Games

    2. Out Of Town

    3. Goodbye Civilian

    4. The Children Saw The Shame

    5. A Woman In Winter


    Side B

    1. Hurry On Boys

    2. Happy To Be With You

    3. The Devils Decade

    4. One Decree

    5. Arena


    Side C 

    1. An Incident In Algiers

    2. Grievance

    3. Strength Through Joy

    4. Filming Africa


    Side D

    1. A Man For All Seasons

    2. Snakes And Ladders

    3. Surgical Triumph

    4. The Bell Jar



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