Sonic Youth - A Thousand Leaves - Vinyl
  • Sonic Youth - A Thousand Leaves - Vinyl

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    Sonic Youth - A Thousand Leaves 

    Double Vinyl LP Album 


    The follow-up to 'Washing Machine' is another great Sonic Youth album, mellower than most but boasting some of the band's most enduring tracks - Thurston's 'Sunday' and Ginsberg tribute 'Hits of Sunshine' are fabulous, as are Lee's 'Hoarfrost' and 'Karen Koltrane' while Kim's 'Contre Le Sexisme' and 'Female Mechanic Now on Duty' recall prime early Sonic Youth.




    Side A 

    1. Contre Le Sexisme

    2. Sunday

    3. Female Mechanic Now On Duty


    Side B

    1. Wildflower Soul

    2. Hoarfrost

    3. French Tickler


    Side C

    1. Hits Of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg)

    2. Karen Koltrane


    Side D

    1. The Ineffable Me

    2. Snare, Girl

    3. Heather Angel






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