Steve Marriott - Get Down to it

Steve Marriott - Get Down to it

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Steve Marriott

Get Down To It

Double Vinyl

Release Date: 2018




Side A

1. Give All She's Got

2. Shake And Fingerpop

3. Please Please Please

4. Comin' Home Baby

5. Plum Nelly/Baby Please Don't Go/Parchman Farm/The Midnight Hour/Work Song


Side B

1. Wrist Job

2. Every Mothers Son

3. Road To Ride

4. 79th Street Blues

5. Get Down To It

6. We Can Work It Out


Side C

1. Think

2. Times They Are A Changin'

3. Ruthy The Groupie

4. Are You Lonely For Me Baby

5. Soldier

6. My Lovers Prayer


Side D

1. Ain't You Glad New York Can't Talk

2. Some Kind Of Wonderful

3. I Never Loved A Women

4. Oh Well

5. Bigger They Come, Harder They Fall