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Supergrass - Kiss Of Life Is 20

Supergrass - Kiss Of Life Is 20

Supergrass unveil an exclusive 10” EP for Record Store Day 2024, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the unforgettable track "Kiss Of Life." This special edition has been pressed on transparent recycled vinyl, adding a unique and environmentally conscious element to your collection. In addition to this iconic track, the EP includes two previously unreleased gems, "Ocean" and "We Are Your Children," offering fans an exclusive insight into Supergrass's musical brilliance. "Kiss Of Life Is 20" encapsulates the spirit of celebration, marking two decades of timeless music. This exclusive transparent vinyl serves as a commemorative token, inviting you to relive the magic that has defined Supergrass over the years.

Tracklist: Side 1

1. Kiss of Life

2. We Dream Of This

3. Bullet (Live at Portsmouth Pyramid)

Side 2

1. Kiss Of Life (Live at The Glee Club, Birmingham.)

2. Ocean*

3. We Are Your Children*