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The Lathums - From Nothing to A Little Bit More
  • The Lathums - From Nothing to A Little Bit More

    SKU: 1000883

    The Lathums

    From Nothing to A Little bit More

    Limited Edition Red Vinyl

    Includes Insert


    Limited signed copies from Aleex Moore available.


    The Lathums’ second album is an advancement upon their debut, with Moore’s songwriting a particularly noticeable area of improvement. As silly as it sounds, songs are the most important thing for bands. The Wigan natives have added strong depth to their collection with From Nothing To A Little Bit More, with eight-minute closer ‘Underserving’ expressing their risk-taking streak, which they don’t apply across the whole album. The four-piece unapologetically wants to be an arena-sized band, and they are certainly on course to achieve their objectives.


    - Joe Taysom, Far Out Magazine


    Track List


    1. Struggle
    2. Say My Name
    3. I Know Pt. 1
    4. Lucky Bean
    5. Facets
    6. Rise And Fall
    7. Sad Face Baby
    8. Turmoil
    9. Land And Sky
    10. Crying Out
    11. Understanding