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Vox 1901 Distortion Pedal
  • Vox 1901 Distortion Pedal

    SKU: 1000337

    Vox 1901 Distortion

    Very Rare 80s/90s Vox Guitar Distorion Pedal


    The 1901 Distortion is a really simple pedal; no tone controls, just the self-explanatory 'Output' and 'Distortion'. It has a fairly wide gain range from totally clean to relatively high gain - it definitely has enough for me and should suffice in most situations.

    Tonally, the effect changes as you turn up the gain; all the way down, it is fairly 'transparent' - sounding near-enough the same as the bypassed signal. As you turn the the distortion up it gets quite full and beefy sounding but then, from around halfway onwards there is a gradual roll-off of the bass frequencies. This is a common trait of other distortion pedals from the 70s/early-80s that I've used; no doubt the theory is that the higher gain sounds would be used for playing leads, and you'd want your leads to have less low end to enable them to cut through a mix.

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